Dubai is the most crowded city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai is known to be the city of the future. The reason behind the success of Dubai business, especially the Dubai real estate industry, has numerous factors including its location, tourism attractions, high investment returns, and numerous others. In an investor’s point of view, Dubai offers rental yields more than double of what is offered by the world’s major established cities such as London, Paris and New York, according to industry analysts. Also, the dream city includes the world’s only 7-star Hotel, the World’s biggest man-made island, the world’s biggest shopping mall, the world’s tallest building, and state of the art developments, etc.

The city continues to maintain its status as the ideal destination for foreigners and offers enticing investment opportunities. Here are the below reasons to shift towards the populous city of the UAE:

Dubai is a popular tourist destination with fabulous landmarks and entertainment attractions. Dubai is easily accessible, having direct flights from all the major cities in the world which attracts millions of tourists every year.

In Dubai, safety is also one of a great advantage for investing. Considered a safe haven for end-users and investors, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. It has a low crime rate, proving that the importance of safe, good living conditions is one of the cores of the UAE.

Property prices are affordable in comparison to other similar trading hubs around the world. There is a potential for further growth, as prices have grown by 10% in demanded projects from 2011.

Dubai real estate is open to any investor from anywhere in the world, unlike the local stock market. This means greater liquidity and more funds in the marketplace. Also, Dubai is a tax-free city, with no income or capital gain tax. This makes it extremely attractive for people from all around the world to come and work in Dubai, as well as invest in property.

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